Yes, we have our team of designers and developers in our Columbus office. By not outsourcing, we’re able to better streamline communication. Don’t take our word for it, see what Lasting Impressions had to say about our streamlined communication. 

You’ll have a project manager dedicated to your account throughout the site build. This will ensure we are hitting on key deliverable and keeping the project on track. You will also have a designer from our team to make sure the look and feel of the site meets and exceeds your expectations. There will also be a developer on your site to make sure all technical items are in-tact and your site is operating seamlessly.

After you approve the wireframe and mock-up, you’ll have a link to the development site. You’ll be able to view our progress on desktop and mobile throughout the site build. We have meetings either weekly or bi-weekly with your company to answer questions, showcase progress while making sure all parties are aligned.

No, we do not require full payment up-front. On average, we require a 50% down-payment but this can dictate based on the project size and scope.

Yes. 90% of the sites we build are in WordPress and have a content management system. You’ll easily be able to login into the CMS (content management system) and make changes yourself. Included in the majority of our site builds are training courses so you can confidently manage making changes.

Yes. Within our agreements it clearly states that you own all development and design files associated with your site. Your website is a crucial asset to your company and we would never hold this hostage.

Yes. We have a great website hosting plan that many of our clients take advantage of.  We take daily backups of your site, have an emergency backup in place if there were ever an issue with the original backup. We have a staging and production environment. If you are not familiar, staging is a test environment where we can deploy changes to ensure everything works smoothly before rolling out to production, which is a live environment.

Yes. You can learn more about our design capabilities HERE. We have a great design team that will help create or enhance your brand identify. Whether you need a new logo, want to update an existing one, we can help.

Yes. SEO is a core service here at The Media Captain and is ingrained in our DNA. We make sure your foundation is in-tact with the right URL structure. We optimize title tags and descriptions throughout the site. We conduct necessary redirects. Our agency has an extensive SEO checklist that we go through prior to site launch.

Of course! We’re not going anywhere. We’ll be your partner during development and afterwards. We’ll learn how much you’ll want to rely on us for website edits post site launch. Some clients have simple changes that require less than an hour of work. Others rely on us heavily for over 10-hours of work per month. We’ll come up with a good solution.

Yes. We have a great team of digital marketing experts. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses with SEO, Social Media, PPC and more.

  • We’ve been around for a decade so we have a proven track record. We’ve built hundreds of sites, which you can see in our portfolio. We have designers and developers in-house, which means the look and feel will be stunning (design) and the nuts and bolts will be secure (development). We care deeply about the clients we work with. This might sound cliche but you’ll quickly realize this when coming aboard. Don’t just take our word for it, read what other clients had to say.

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